​Your Home Office - How to Increase Productivity

​(whilst staying physically and mentally fit)

​We live in strange times, where millions of people around the globe are being sent to work in their home office due to the COVID-19 lockdown.

Many of these have never worked from home before, and their bosses would previously never have allowed it, so they have no idea how to work from home productively and stay healthy and sane.

So here I've put together a little guide on how to set up your home office environment, what equipment you're going to need, and what expectations you're going to need to set to make sure you can still get stuff done.

I've created a big picture of all the things you'll need to work from home, including what you need to be productive, and physically and mentally healthy, and here's what the bit about your home office environment looks like:

Your Home Office Environment

​Let's go through these and see how it's done.

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​Your Home Office: Equipment

​First off, you're going to need a desk and a good chair. If you don't have these, go out and get them. The last thing you want is to end up with a bad back because you sat on the couch all day with your laptop on your knee.

Your boss wouldn't let you do this in the work office, so don't do it when you're in the home office. Or you'll regret it!

Whether you have a PC or a laptop, I also strongly recommend having 2 monitors. Your productivity will go up by huge amounts when you have 2 monitors compared to just 1. If your boss won't buy you a second monitor, buy one for yourself - you'll end up getting your work done sooner and then you can have more free time later. Just don't tell him I told you!

You'll also need to be able to communicate with your boss and work colleagues, so it would be a good idea to have a webcam and a dedicated work phone.

How to set up your home office


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​Your Home Office: ​Environment

​Now that you've got all the equipment you need to set up your home office, you need to set up your home office environment.

If you have a spare room, use that. If you have a dining room that you rarely use, you can use that. If you have a one bedroom flat that you share with your wife/husband and 12 kids, then you've got a problem - but we can fix it!

Ideally, you need a space where you can close the door and shut yourself off from the rest of the world (occasionally - more on that later), but if all you have is a corner of a shared room, it will have to do. You'll just have to be a bit more inventive about how you can get the quiet time you need to get your work done. I'll talk about that in a little while.

How to Work From Home...

​and ​stay productive, healthy and sane

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​Home​ ​versus​ Home Office​​​

​​When working from home you need to set expectations and ground rules. As far as you can, keep a clear distinction between Home and Home Office. This line will inevitably become blurred, but it's important that you decide where the line is and try to stick to it.

Your home, on the other hand, is where your family ​and your TV are. Chatting with your loved ones and watching endless episodes of Judge Judy isn't going to get your work done.

​Similarly, unless TwitFace is part of your job, then it's not part of your home office.

When you're in your home office you need your work phone and work email. Leave your personal phone, personal email and social media outside the door - they will kill your productivity and upset your boss.

In the same vein, when you leave your office to spend time with the family, leave your work phone and work email inside the office - they have no business interfering with your personal life.

In short, leave your home outside your home office, and leave your home office outside your home.

Closed or Open Door Policy?

​When it come to getting stuff done, there will be times during the day when you need to focus, and you need a way to make sure you are not be disturbed.

One way to achieve this is to have a Closed Door Policy. This means that when you go to your home office, you close the door to the world and don't open it until the end of your working day.

I don't recommend this. Not only is ​the isolation bad for your productivity, ​it's also bad for your mental health.

Alternatively, you could have an Open Door Policy, where you leave your home office door open, allowing your family the freedom to chat with you whenever it's convenient for them.

​I also don't recommend this. It will kill your productivity, which will in turn lead you to put more hours in to catch up. This is bad for your home life. Unless you're actively seeking a divorce...

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​Your 'Do Not Disturb' Policy

​​What I do recommend is what I call a Do Not Disturb Policy. This is where your keep your home office door open ​during those times when it's OK to be disturbed and close it when you need to focus and get stuff done.

Make sure everyone in the house knows and understands this.

But what do you do when your home office is in a small corner of a shared living room?

One way to deal with this is to put on headphones when you need to focus. Make sure that everyone in the house understands that when you're listening to some vibes then you're not to be disturbed under any circumstance.

Is the house on fire? No? Then go away.

Are the kids fighting? Do you see blood? ​​Come back when you do.

The cat's on the roof? Unless ​Granny has followed it up there and ​is in imminent danger of falling off, I don't want to know.

Come back when my headphones are off!

​Your Home Office - A Summary

​Working from home in an environment that is not conducive to getting stuff done can be challenging - which is why in normal times many ​bosses won't send their employees to work in a home office.

We live in strange times, though, where millions of us are having to do just that, and it's putting a strain on the productivity, and physical ​and mental health of people all across the globe.

But ​it doesn't have to.

Setting up your home office in any small corner of your house, flat or bedsit, and setting a few ground rules can make the whole process go smoothly.

Keeping a separation between home and home office, leaving your personal life outside the office and your work life outside the home will help you get stuff done.

And in turn, this gives you the time and space you need to exercise and spend time with your loved ones.

Who said you can't have it all when you're isolated and working from home?!??

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